Glassfiber reinforceo continuous winding pipe

Continuous winding glass fiber reinforced pipe is made of glass fiber and its products as reinforced material. It is made of unsaturated polyester resin as matrix material and is made according to continuous winding process.


High resistance to corrosion, maintenance-free Due to resistance to acid, alkali, salt, seawater, sewage, corrosive soil and various chemical fluids and smooth internal wall, no incrustation and microorganism may occur in the pipe, so the pipe can keep clean for a long term use and be free of maintenance.

High strength The pipe has an excellent strength, maximum allowable working pressure is up to 6.4MPa, and design safety factor is more than 6.

水力特性佳 管道的内壁非常光滑,新管道的Hazen-Wll liams粗糙系数C值为150一165,在同样的 管径条件下,本管道的流量比钢管要大36%。

Customized design The pipe can be designed flexibly according to any set of appropriate technical parameters to meet the demand and requirements of customers as far as possible.

Rigid and flexible According to engineering requirement, a sand layer is added at the intermediate layer where the bending stress is small to enhance the rigidity, so any requirements on rigidity can be met. In case that the pipe is subject to an overload (e.g. lorry) in a short time, the pipe may bear the load through its own elastic deformation and recover its original shape automatically after the load disappears.

Long service life The pipe body is made of very stable high polymer material and its breakdown pressure is designed with 6 times working pressure to ensure 50-year service life.

Production technology

On the continuous output of the tool, the resin continuous fiber chopped fiber and quartz sand according to certain requirements by adopting the method of toroidal coil continuous layer, and after curing, cutting into a certain length of pipe products production methods make device has convenient process control the intensity of labor is low pollution small working environment good pipe material quality is stable and high efficiency advantages


Ricard rubber ring seal, this method is suitable for gravity flow pipeline

Full width rubber seal, this method is suitable for pressure pipeline.

Product specification

Nominal Diameter OD DEC LC
300 310 346 200
400 412 448 200
500 514 552 200
600 616 654 200
700 718 764 250
800 820 866 250
900 924 970 250
1000 1026 1076 250
1200 1229 1283 250
1400 1434 1488 250
1600 1638 1706 300
1800 1842 1910 300
2000 2046 2118 300
2200 2250 2322 300
2400 2453 2525 300
2600 2658 2738 300
2800 2861 2941 300
3000 3066 3146 300


The length or allowable jacking force can be custom made as per customs

Characteristics Value
Diameter DN300-DN3000(OD series)
Length Free to cut
Pressure scope 0.1-3.2Mpa
Stiffness 5000N/m² 7500N/m² 10000N/m² 12000N/m² 15000N/m²
Efficieney 360m/24h(DN1000)


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