2.8m full-custom large-caliber HDPE spiral pipe was first released overseas

Today, a batch of 2.8m large-caliber HDPE spiral pipes custom-made by Newchoice Pipe in Fujian Province are being loaded onboard in Xiaocuo Port of Quanzhou to be shipped to the Philippines. This is by now the largest-caliber pipe of its kind to be exported overseas in China.

2.8m large-caliber pipes are ready for shipment

Pipes are being hoisted

The water supply and drainage project that Newchoice Pipe is awarded is located in Mindanao, the hometown of Duterte, the newly elected president of the Philippines. The GDP growth of the Philippines is expected to reach 6% this year with rapid growth. The Kauswagan Power Station is one of the infrastructure projects in the Philippines to promote economic development.

Location of Kauswagan Power Station Project

Customized proposal won the project

An international order is not never easy to obtain. Although Newchoice Pipe successfully made its way to project team in the early bidding stage, it has conducted a series of meticulous studies to successfully win this project as the Kauswagan Power Station water supply and drainage project has high requirement on the caliber, ring rigidity and stability of pipes. In addition, there was no precedent for the export of such large-caliber products in China. During the nearly two years from the initiation to the signing of the procurement contract, Newchoice people kept carrying out research on design, procurement, construction and quality inspection with project survey & designing institute and project constructors to work out and improve solutions. For special requirements of the project, Newchoice Pipe with its customized strategy finally won the project.

Kauswagan Power Station started construction

The largest caliber pipe exported overseas

The pipes purchased in the project include (HDPE) B-type spiral pipes, steel-framed PE plastic composite pipes. According to the design requirements of the project, a large-caliber heavy-duty, anti-corrosion and water-tight drainage pipe with zero leakage is required. To this end, Newchoice Pipe uses a special mold to customize HDPE B-type spiral pipes with ring rigidity up to 12.5. The pipe laid is up to 1.6KM and currently China’s largest caliber pipe in similar products exported to overseas market. It has laid a solid foundation for similar products to enter overseas markets in the future.

2.8m-caliber mould prepared for the project

Professional and efficient, fast product delivery

With rapid construction of the project team, the reporter visited the Newchoice Pipe Production Workshop and the staff remarked that at present, the design and manufacturing of 2.8m-caliber pipes and supporting products already are mature, even pipes with larger caliber will not be a problem for us. “Leveraging on advanced production equipment and efficient management system, the pipes required for the Kauswagan power plant project were shipped in large quantities on time.

2.8m-caliber pipe in manufacturing

Staff inspects every pipe

Large-caliber pipe fittings are being hoisted

The products as well as the transportation methods are customized, Newchoice Pipe uses special ships to transport this batch of products and adopts a special reinforcement method to ensure that the transportation is infallible and that the construction of the project can be completed as scheduled.

Newchoice Pipe meets different demands of clients with customized products and wins over trust from clients with professional attitude. Kauswagan project in the Philippines is bound to achieve success.

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