Newchoice Pipe participated in Water Philippines 2017 Expo

Recently, the Philippines in 2017 international exhibition of water treatment in the Philippine city held successfully, a total of 350 companies from 28 countries, almost all industry stakeholders to participate in, is the largest water show, radiation influence the entire southeast Asia area

2017 Philippines International Water Treatment Exhibition

As an international water affairs expo, decision makers, operators and experts from water affairs-related department, construction companies and design institutions as well as global suppliers gathered together to exchange information on advanced technologies and products. At this expo, Newchoice Pipe presented the PE solid drainpipe and (HDPE) B-type spiral pipe, steel-framed PE plastic composite pipe and other products and brought state-of-the-art comprehensive water supply and drainage network solution, attracting numerous clients to make inquiries.

Staff explaining products features to clients

The organizer said: at present, the population and economy in Philippine are growing fast. However, only 7% of the total population has sewage system. With the commitment of new government on improving infrastructure, the water resources management is the urgent issue to be solved. The products and comprehensive solutions of Newchoice are in line with the actual demands in the Philippines and Southeast Asia market. The cooperation between the suppliers and users in China and Philippine surely has great potential.

At this exhibition, Newchoice received over 200 prospective clients and the expo scheduled to end at 4pm on the 24th was wrapped up until 6pm due to the large amount of inquiring clients.

Exhibition team from Newchoice Pipe Overseas Business Department

Following the national “Belt and Road” strategy, Newchoice Pipe has expanded its service network to overseas regions and countries including Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America and has established good reputation in the international market. The Water Philippines 2017 Expo is the first exhibition participated by Newchoice Pipe in the Southeast Asian in 2017. Later, it will participate in water expo in Thailand, Indonesia and other countries. Newchoice Pipe will continue to provide high-quality products and perfect service system in Southeast Asia to contribute to the water supply and drainage network construction and promote water resources management capacity. Stay tuned.

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