Talent idea


Talent Philosophy

talent idea

All talents from everywhere will be welcomed by us as long as they are helpful to us. Newchoice hunts for, cultivates and stores “talents”. We will give chances to qualified talents, platforms to potential talents, and space to excellent talents. Newchoice creates a wide stage for the growth and success of all talents.

Salary and Welfare


Working hours:

Five day and eight hours, with two resting days on the weekends


Five insurances and team accident insurance

Paid welfare:

Legal holidays, marriage leave and maternity leave, etc.


Birthday allowance, working age allowance, marriage gift cash, summer allowance and holiday allowance


Housing fund, and free accommodation


Free buffet lunch


Free physical check

Other welfare:

Travel, gathering and parties


Competitive salary in the industry, year-end bonus, and two monthly pays at the end of the year

Commuting bus:

Bus between Quangang-Quanzhou every day, Quangang-Xiamen on every Wednesday and Friday

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